After hearing that bee venom therapy can help treat Lyme disease, I came across Alan and Bee Well Therapy. Alan showed me exactly how to do bee venom therapy in a safe and effective manner. The treatment was successful and helped me heal from neurological symptoms of Lyme disease. My symptoms of brain fog and fatigue began to disappear within months of doing stings, and today I am symptom-free. I would highly recommend Bee Well Therapy to anyone with Lyme disease.

Scott T.   Bergan County, New Jersey

I was diagnosed last year with psoriatic arthritis. After several attempts of treatment by western medicine, I was left in more pain and hopeless. The only intervention offered was pharmacological. The DMARDS protocol gave me terrible side effects, and all the cutting edge medication would bankrupt my family and we have good health insurance.

In a desperate attempt to find help, I found bee venom therapy and apitherapy which led me to Alan. He has been such a help and extremely professional. He taught my wife and I about BVT, showed us how to administer it, and has provided ongoing telephone support. He has been considerate, timely and friendly. Anyone considering BVT can trust and rely on Bee Well Therapy.

Matt Williams   New Jersey

I was diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago, but symptoms really didn’t begin to affect me until 2006 when I got numbing, tingling, and burning sensations in my legs and feet.

Alan Lorenzo of Bee Well Therapy began to treat me with BVT, and after 3 months, I started to feel my symptoms subsiding. Around that time, I also commenced with injections of vitamin B1 and liver extract administered by a doctor, similar to Dr. Klenner’s protocol for MS, and within two weeks all my nerve sensations disappeared and have stayed away.

J. Anders   White Plains, NY

When I was little girl, I suffered a lot from allergies, and there is a correlation between allergies and MS. They are noticing that some allergy sufferers have come down with MS later on in life.

So, when I was young, I used to always get a stiff neck. My pediatrician told my mother that a cold or a virus had settled there, and that is why I got the pain. Oddly enough, I used to get it during allergy season. Spring, and or Autumn.

As I got older, my allergies continued, and so did my neck issues. This neck issue only came on once or twice a year, and then in 2004 the stiff neck would not go away. I went to more doctors, more specialists, had tests, etc., for almost two years.

Then one day I was helping a friend clean out her closet and I got around some dust, and my eye began to get dry and itchy. A few days later, I went completely blind in my right eye. That is one of the signs for MS, and I was finally diagnosed.

When I first met with my neurologist, I began using a medication called Avonex. What I liked about it was the fact that I only had to inject myself once a week. When I first began using it I felt a bit better. After 6 months I had to change as it appeared to be too strong and it made me vomit after injections.

Then, I began using a medication called Copaxone. It was a shot that I had to take daily. Each shot had side effects that were flu like. I would get hot flashes, cold flashes, and I basically had a hard time with it. I began taking the shots at night to help get through the side effects, and it worked okay for a year, but my husband noticed that my balance was getting worse. I was also in the hospital every month because I would have issues with vomiting that I could not control. They had to use the type of medication they give to chemotherapy patients to stop the vomiting.

It was after 6 months that I began to do some more research on vomiting and MS. I found out about something called vertigo. I had benign vertigo in the past, but never realized that it had something to do with MS. So, I mentioned it to my doctor and he prescribed something called Meclizine to control it. I was taking 25mg each night to ward off the issues.

As I said earlier, my husband and daughter noticed that I was having balance issues. By this time, I had changed neurologists. My current neurologist would ask me to walk heel to toe every time I went to see her. I HATED THAT more than anything else. I would practically fall down. And no, I did not feel reassured that she was standing next to me, promising to help me if I fell.

Somewhere in the summer of 2014 I had another MS attack. My hands began to tingle, and get cold prickly things on them at night. This would wake me up every night. It was horrible. I had pain patches that I put on my hands like gloves, and that was the only thing that would stop the pain from happening while I was sleeping. So, no my balance was getting worse, and this issue with my hands was almost more than I could handle. When I told my neurologist about my hands, she told me that I had a pinched nerve and I should go see a chiropractor.

Now, at this point in my life, I had been to many doctors, including chiropractors. They had never been able to help me before, and I felt that this was just another stupid distraction. So, I just kept on with my life, and then the tingling began in my feet. My left thigh was already numb from my first attack, and the last thing I ever wanted to have happen to me was to be in a wheelchair. For the first time since my diagnosis, I was scared. And that is when I decided that it was time to look outside the proverbial box.

I had heard of Bee Venom Therapy on a show called unsolved mysteries. People discussed how bee venom was able to help them with some of their issues, so I started looking up BVT on the internet. I found a gentleman in Connecticut that trained one how to use bees to treat MS, etc. His name is Alan Lorenzo, and we scheduled our “lesson” for May of 2014.

While I was speaking to Alan, he asked me about the medication that I was on and he told me some things that really took me back. I did not understand, nor was it completely explained to me, that the medication I was using, was shutting down my immune system, and to top it off, was filling me with steroids. And of course I researched this information, and found it to be true.

So, in order for Bee Venom Therapy to work, I had to get off the Copaxone for approximately one month prior to my first sting. That is what I did. I was fine, and happy not to have to take shots every night. My hands and feet were driving me crazy at night, and I could hardly stand it any longer. So in May of 2014 we went to Connecticut to meet with Alan.

That day, I was taught how to transfer bees from a small box to a larger container. Then my husband was instructed how to handle bees, and to place them on specific areas on my back (and other areas) for stinging.

Yeah, it hurt. But, it was only for about 15-30 seconds. Then it stopped. We waited awhile, and then took out the stingers. That night, my hands did not go numb and I was in shock over that. So, I survived my first stinging and as time went by, I heard from Alan twice every week, and if I had questions, I heard from him more often. But we gradually increased the bees to 20 stings at a time.

I had an appointment with my neurologist of June 2014. And when she asked me to walk heel to toe, I was able to do it for the first time, in I don’t know how long. And, then she said come back. I moon walked backwards. I did not do it on purpose, my brain just went backwards. LOL It was rather funny. She was not impressed with my progress however. This was one of the first clashes that I had with medical doctors. The medical community refuses to recognize the benefits of Bee Venom Therapy.

Another aspect of MS that drove me crazy was MS exhaustion. I used to pass out during the day, sometimes all day. Once I slept an entire weekend away. MS exhaustion sucks. It literally sucks the life out of you. You feel like a prisoner in your own body.

Since I have been using BVT, I no longer have MS Exhaustion. I can hardly believe it. I get up every day at 6:00 am, and I go to bed around 11:00 pm Anyone that has MS struggles with exhaustion. And, I mean exhaustion. You can’t imagine not being able to stay awake at a luncheon. It was awful.

I mentioned earlier that my Vertigo medication was at 25 mg. It has dropped to 6 mg.

Bee Venom also breaks down arthritis. The arthritis in my neck is gone. However, the pain in my neck was caused by the breakdown of the myelin sheath caused by MS. It has helped the neck pain, but my pain in the neck still exists. I use BVT and I don’t intend to stop.

I highly recommend reading the book, “Health and the Honey Bee, “by Charles Mraz.

Claudia Kulik   Westminster, Massachusetts
April 2016

We met Alan Lorenzo through an American Apitherapy Society Journal ad in September of 2013, where he trained us how to perform bee venom therapy (“sting”) for Lyme disease. We found Alan to be very knowledgeable and helpful. He made himself available for phone calls and questions as we were getting started and comfortable with BVT. It has been 32 months since we started stinging, and the improvements to our health and life have been beyond measure. In our time of need, Alan Lorenzo was there for us, providing a very needed service.

We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality, competent training in bee venom therapy.

Keith & Shari Gardiner   Columbus, Michigan

Over the years I have had chronic rotator cuff problems. Disc degeneration in my cervicals and lower lumbar. Herniated discs and pinched nerves. I had read about bee venom therapy and how it may help ease joint swelling, stiffness and pain in people with arthritic conditions. I contacted Alan and found him to be very honest with great consideration for those in pain. He was also a good listener and guided me through my treatment very effectively and professionally. I have had very good results from bee venom therapy and am now able to return to my exercise routine to keep myself flexible and pain free. I did bees for about 7 months and have had no need to return to them for 6 months now. I can highly recommend Alan and his bee venom therapy. You will be in good hands, you will learn a lot about honey bees and your condition may improve without drugs and their side effects.

Zoe Macerollo   Farmington, CT

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2005. The medications Enbrel and Methotrexate were used to treat my RA.

In 2010 and 2011, I had been hospitalized with Pulmonary Embolisms and blood clots in the legs. The doctors put me on Coumadin to stop the formation of the blood clots.

In October 2011, I suffered a brain bleed causing my brain to shift one-quarter inch to the left, in turn causing hemiparesis of the left side of my body. I had to have my blood tested twice a week. The Coumadin dosage was being changed often, due to my blood clotting level was either too high or too low (the doctors did not want me to have another bleed, or have trouble with more blood clots.)

I started to see a hematologist, to make sure I did not have a blood clotting disorder that causes blood clots. The hematologist determined I did not have such a disorder. He strongly felt that the Enbrel I was taking for my RA, was causing this blood clotting problem with known side effects of this type.

In January 2012, I had a Greenfield Filter put in my groin to prevent any possible blood clots from traveling to my heart or lungs. In April 2012, I had a total knee replacement.

My daughter had been trying to convince me to try Bee Venom Therapy all along, after trying for 7 years traditional treatment for RA with no results and lots of problems. In May 2012, I decided to try it. I figured what could be worse than what I have already experienced?

After consulting with the rheumatologist and my physician, I stopped the medications I was taking for RA, and I was going to try Bee Venom Therapy.

I called Bee Well Therapy and spoke to Alan Lorenzo. Alan was very informative, and well educated in the field of Apitherapy. After several months of working with Alan and my personal physician, I returned to my rheumatologist. After examination, he said I was the best he had seen me, and my RA blood work all came back good. I am still doing BVT and still talk with Alan from time to time. I have no swelling, stiffness, or joint pain. I feel great!

I would definitely recommend Bee Venom Therapy to anyone who is suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, or having trouble with medications. I wish I had tried Bee Venom Therapy when my daughter first mentioned it 7 years ago.”

Thomas V. Thomas   East Meredith, NY

Update: In a conversation with Alan in September 2013, Tom mentioned that he has not stung since April 2013, and all of his Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms have disappeared without a need to do maintenance stinging.

My mother discovered bee venom therapy by accident when she disrupted a bee’s nest. What initially seemed like a bad thing turned into a good thing literally overnite, when her leg -which failed to respond to traditional treatments for rheumatoid arthritis – was 100% better. Since then, Alan taught her how to achieve the same results in a more controlled fashion. I believe bee venom therapy can work for some people.

Mirela Loftus MD, PhD   Hartford, CT

Alan Lorenzo of Bee Well Therapy, Inc., got us up to speed with BVT training for M.S. quickly, efficiently, and all for a minimum investment. My wife, Theresa, was able to feel significant relief after a few sessions.

Ted Hali, M.D.   New Rochelle, NY

Bee venom therapy has completely eradicated the disabling fatigue associated with my MS. Within in two months of following Alan’s instruction for BVT and MS, I was able to stand from my wheelchair for the first time in four years.

After four months, I was able to stand using a walker and move about the room and make turns. After nine months, I was able to go up stairs, or make it to the bathroom unassisted using only the walker. I took a break for awhile when we moved, and some of my symptoms resumed, and once again I need some assistance. However, I am looking forward to starting BVT again soon and continuing my long-term improvement. It has also helped considerably with bladder control. I think it is time for doctors to pay attention to this treatment.

S. Crede   Bayville, NY

I was diagnosed with Relapsing- Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in February 2009. I had great difficulty walking, no balance, and complete numbness in my hands and feet. I was told by my neurologist that I was very lucky to be diagnosed now, and not 10 years earlier. Now, as he put it ‘We have so many wonderful medications that will help to slow down the progression of the disease by up to a third, if you’re lucky”. Basically, I was told that at 27 I would be getting two-thirds worse every year for the rest of my life. There is no cure, I was told. I had no interest in finding myself in a wheelchair by the time I was 40.

With the love and support of my husband, I began to read every book I could get my hands on concerning alternative therapies for M.S. One book in particular, Reversing Multiple Sclerosis by Celeste Pepe, spoke in detail about her success with apitherapy, and bee venom therapy in particular. I was skeptical, but my husband encouraged me to look into BVT (bee venom therapy). By luck, I saw an advertisement for Bee Well Therapy in Natural Awakenings magazine a few days later. Still skeptical, I phoned Alan Lorenzo to get some more information. From the beginning, Alan was professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He did not try to convince me of the therapy or push me to try it. He simply answered my questions and offered to send me several articles concerning BVT and M.S. Finally, I decided to try BVT instead of the immunity suppressing chemotherapy drugs that my neurologist wanted me to take, as they were nothing but palliative and offered me no hope of remission or cure.

A week or so later, Alan was at my door with his duffel bag of bees and bee related instruments. He trained my husband and me on proper stinging techniques, proper care of the bees, and proper handling of the insects as well. Once he was done with the session, which lasted about three hours, we felt quite ready to continue this path to healing on our own. Alan and I stayed in constant contact over the next several weeks. He checked in on me regularly and was always willing to answer any questions or concerns I had. I must have called him a hundred times during those weeks, and he always had time for me. After a few months, Alan came to my home a second time to train us in more advanced stinging techniques. My husband and I are still using those techniques today. Now, with the help of BVT and other related hormone therapies, I am back to my old self. Not only can I walk, but I am back to jogging daily. I can go to yoga again because my balance is back, and I only occasionally have numbness in my feet. Bee Venom Therapy has helped give me my life back. More importantly, it has given me hope that my neurologist, with all his modern drugs, never could. If you have been newly diagnosed with M.S. or the drugs you are taking are not helping you, the best thing you could ever do is try BVT. It hurts at first, but what you gain in the end is immeasurable. I highly recommend Alan Lorenzo and Bee Well Therapy for your apitherapy needs.

K. Gray   Putnam County, NY

I was diagnosed with chronic progressive MS in March of 2007, and I was told by my neurologist that within 7 months I would be in a wheelchair. According to the doctors, with the type of MS that I have, there is no medication that would help me. I was devastated and scared to death of what the future might hold. My condition deteriorated rapidly. By May of ’07, I was having difficulty walking and writing my name along with a topical numbness in my hands and feet and parts of my back, spine, and neck. I went through the summer like this. Finally, the initial shock and fear wore off, and I was able to act. I was determined that I would not accept what the doctors told me was my fate. I began to do a lot of research on MS and on alternative therapies. I eventually came across Alan’s website for Bee Venom Therapy and my instinct told me this was the right thing for me to do. I just knew this would work. I contacted Alan in October, and we set up our initial meeting in November. I followed his instructions exactly, and by February of 2008, I was up to 50 stings each session, doing 2 sessions a week. Alan educated and encouraged me, as it has been a long and painful road, but given my progress, I would not do anything differently. I cannot say enough positive things about Alan in regards to his professionalism, his knowledge, and his follow-up care. I still currently do BVT, and will continue to do so as every month it seems like I experience something new. For example, heat sensations in different parts of my body that were previously numb from my MS. If it wasn’t for Alan, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and for that I am beyond grateful. If I could offer one piece of advice, it is to be persistent and continue with BVT. I am proof that it works.

Dawn Marie   Upstate, NY

I’m a 79 year-old man who has suffered with sciatic nerve back pain for most of my adult life. As I got older, the pain got worse, and ran down my leg. I’ve tried ointments, exercises, and medication, and in the end nothing proved to work. The only relief was going to the chiropractor, and that was short-lived.

Being a Beekeeper myself, I heard about “Bee Sting” therapy and decided to give it a try. I was desperate at this point. Alan Lorenzo came to instruct us, and my self-administered treatments lasted a month. I noticed a big difference after the first five treatments. I was in less pain and able to walk better. By the end of my treatments, I was walking without my cane, and I was pain free.

I wish I could have done this years ago. I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain. For the first time in 17 years, I enjoyed a vacation with my wife without the severe pain and the aid of my cane.

Andrew Duda   Shelton, CT

Bee Well Therapy has given me gradual relief from my arthritis pain over time. Initial relief came in the first six weeks, and after six months, pain has totally disappeared from my lower back, while still improving in other areas.

Gudrun Benkendorf   Flanders, NJ

My name is Leslie and I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I would like to give a recommendation for Bee Well Therapy and Alan Lorenzo who is the owner. He is a Bee Venom Therapist and a member of the American Apitheraphy Society, CMAC-educated. His specialty is in the relief of Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendinitis, Lyme Disease, M.S. and other spinal, neural, joint or musculo-skeletal ailments.

I first started doing bee venom therapy under the direction of Alan in October 2010. At the time, I was recovering from a bone infection. This caused my immune system to no longer be able to take traditional medicine for M.S. After starting the therapy and taking the supportive bee supplements, I have been able to manage my disease without going backwards. Also, I used to suffer from allergies that would cause me extreme distress, and at this time I am no longer dealing with symptoms.

I have come to trust Alan and his direction to make the bee venom therapy effective. His knowledge and follow-up have been invaluable. It is not any easy road to take, but I have found it to be effective in alleviating my most severe symptoms and allowing me to lead a full and productive life.

Leslie Bene   Southport, CT

With Alan’s knowledge and professionalism, it made bee stinging easier and tolerable. His thoughtfulness and follow-up was very comforting during my training for BVT to treat Lyme Disease.

Jeanette Montufar   Stamford, CT

In just a few weeks, bee venom therapy has helped relieve the arthritis in my knees so I can climb down stairs easier. It also improved intestinal function by stinging along an appendicitis surgery scar where nerves were damaged.

Craig Swan   Certified Rolfer
Former N.Y. Mets Pitcher
Old Greenwich, CT

More than 20 years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident and broke my neck, back, femur and pelvis. I had a spinal fusion at L1 and L2 resulting in paralysis and extreme nerve sensitivity on my entire back. Anything warm seemed very hot and anything cool seemed painfully cold. After only ONE stinging session I no longer feel that sensitivity. I am currently working towards improving mobility and have noticed results. I feel little to no pain at all since I started my treatments with BVT. My boyfriend was away for five weeks and when he returned he noticed that my balance and walking had improved. I am excited to see what the future holds.

Cynthia Gadow   Holistic Health Counselor at Southport, CT

About 8 years ago, I experienced an attack of Bell’s Palsy and recovered, but have had the lasting side effect of severe pain on the right side of my neck going up behind my right ear. This pain had occurred in the form of attacks on a weekly basis for the last 8 years. The pain is not constant, but when it hit, it felt like a clamp squeezing my neck, and that someone hit me with a 2×4 at the same time.

Medically, there is not a good safe treatment for Bell’s Palsy. After reading about the neural success of bee venom therapy, I decided to give it a try. Bee Well Therapy came up in my research, and after talking with Alan Lorenzo, I felt confident that he knew what he was talking about. With his guidance, I have completed two months of treatment. I can’t tell, yet, what the long term effects will be, but I can say that I have not had an attack since I started, and my family tells me they can see a difference in my right eye, which would droop during the weekly attacks, and when I was under stress. It was very reassuring when he did his follow-up calls to check on me. I felt that at any time I needed to discuss the treatment that he was there, and his answers were clear. I thank him for his help and concern for my predicament.

Michael Feldbauer   Palm Coast, FL

A little over a year after having ACL reconstructive surgery on my knee, I developed pain along the front side of my knee along the incision site. By having a patellar tendon graft to repair my ACL, the tendon developed scar tissue that became painful when I would increase the stress on my knee by activities such as running, jumping, or weight training. Bee venom therapy helped to soften and break up the scar tissue that was causing my pain, and alleviate the pain I had during activities a great deal. From dealing with the pain on a daily basis before bee venom therapy, I now rarely experience pain, and if I do have some pain because of overuse, for instance, it is less intense, and goes away much faster than it previously had. Previously, my pain would last several days after an activity, and now thanks to bee venom therapy, if any pain does arise, it is gone before the next day.

Brian Montgomery   Springfield, MA

I had chronic shoulder tendinitis with internal scarring that was affecting my league softball play, and my business installing HVAC systems. My team was scheduled to compete in the summer nationals in 2007, in Salem, Virginia, and in just 5 weeks, after one training session with Bee Well Therapy, I successfully treated myself with BVT to restore complete arm and shoulder movement without pain in time for the championship softball series.

Eric Allendorf   West Haven, CT

"Since I was 18 I have experienced severe migraines. I had cat scans and an MRI and still the doctors had no answers. I lived on Excedrin for years. I tried the BVT twice and to my surprise I have not had one since and haven’t taken anything at all."

Nick Freihaut   Louisville, Kentucky

In May of 2006. I contacted Alan Lorenzo of Bee Well Therapy. I had decided, after much thinking and rethinking bee venom therapy, to give it a try. Alan came to my house with a jar of bees. To make a long matter short, he gave a test sting. It hurt but not near as much as my imagination worked it up to be. I thought, I can do this.

Alan came once a week to sting me, in order to build up my immunity to bee venom. Over time the stings grew from 5 a session, to up to 30.

Almost immediately. He showed me how to sting myself and how to purchase bees. I stung myself every few days between his visits.

I suffer from a Neuropathy that affects my hip and legs. I was struck by it in 2000 and have been fortunate that the damage was relatively local. The worst part was the complete exhaustion and exercise intolerance that comes with these kind of diseases.

My hope was to gain strength in my legs so that I could be more active without the exhaustion that accompanies it. I gained a tremendous energy boost or should I say, stamina boost after just a few sessions. Since then, my daily activity has increased to almost as much as I had before onset of the disease. My legs are stronger and I no longer feel that I am too exhausted for words to tell. I may never get much more out of the wasted muscles in my gastrox but bee venom therapy has strengthened what I do have, allowing me to walk farther and to stay on my feet for longer intervals. I now do a daily strengthening exercise on my calf muscles.

It might be possible to get even more out of those muscles, after all. Before I started bee venom therapy I felt I was slowly loosing ground. Now, six months later, it is obvious to my family, and those around me, I am gaining ground.

M Mayer   Connecticut